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What is your site about?

At Local Reliable Tradesmen, our purpose is simple: To help those planning home improvement projects to find their ideal tradesmen quickly and easily.


How does it work?

Step 1 - Post your Job: If you need a job doing, post your job. FREE OF CHARGE
Step 2 - Receive Quotes: We do all the hard work and will put you in direct contact with tradesmen who would like to quote for your job (you can stop quotes at any point). You'll also be able to see a full history of customer ratings for each tradesman. You will have their contact details so you can make an initial choice and then discuss the job and arrange a viewing as appropriate.
Step 3 - Choose a tradesman: You'll now be able to make an informed decision about the best tradesman to employ based on their quotes and their previous ratings - Easy! (There's never an obligation to accept any quote you get viaLocal Reliable Tradesmenof course)
Step 4 - Rate your tradesman: Once your job is completed, log back in and rate the service you received.


What checks are done on a tradesmen?

We are not an agency or a trade association. We do not vet or endorse our trade members. Instead, job posters should review tradesmen's feedback in order be able to judge their quality. Our feedback system, coupled with our manual verification process ensures that the feedback posted about each tradesman is genuine. We're convinced that viewing a tradesman's complete history of feedback is the best way of employing tradesman.


How do i post my job?

Click here or on the "post a job" tab at the top of any page or on a top of side menu. Alternatively you can fill in the form on the homepage. There's no need to register, it's automatic the first time you post a job. Tell us where you are and what you need done. If possible, include the following in your description:
-The exact requirements of the job
-Any measurements that have been taken
-The required materials
-Any time constraints you wish to place on job start/completion.


Why post my job?

It's Quick & Easy: Avoid the hassle searching through directories and making endless phone calls. Post your job and we'll find local tradesmen who are available and would like to quote for your job. Ratings: See a complete history of customer feedback about each tradesmen before employing them. This gives you extra peace of mind and ensures that those tradesmen that provide the very best service are rewarded. It's Free: Did we mention that it's FREE?


What should I include in my job description?

Try to be as precise as possible when writing the description of your job. If appropriate, you should include all of the following:
-The exact requirements of the job.
-Any measurements that have been taken.
-The required materials if known.
-Any time constraints you wish to place on job start/completion.


I posted my job ad but can't see it on the site - why?

Jobs do not appear on the site immediately. We need to check the description first. Once approved, it will appear on the site. This will happen quite quickly during office hours, but will take us a little longer outside office hours. We'll also contact those of our members who may be interested in your job at this point.


Do I need to register?

Registration is automatic the first time you post a job.


How many quotes will I get?

It's our job to find local tradesmen who are interested in your particular job, and we take it very seriously. The number of quotes you get for any job will vary; you are in full control and if you have decided which tradesman to employ or have just changed you mind, you can stop quotes at any time by logging in and click the "stop quotes" link.


Do tradesmen still visit before quoting?

This depends on both the job and the description you provide. For example, if the job is relatively straight forward and you describe the job well (i.e. you provide measurements, materials needed, etc.), our trade members may well be able to provide you with quotes via the site. In other cases, tradesmen will need to ask questions before providing a quote. For larger jobs, tradesmen who are serious about the job are most likely to want visit the property before quoting.


How long does it take to receive quotes?

We aim to find tradesmen for your job within a couple of days of you posting it. In fact we are are often able to find tradesmen for you within hours of your job appearing on the site!


I've received a quote. What now?

Great! So one or more of our trade members is interested in your job. Go to the my jobs area and click on your job. You'll be able to see all the trade members that are interested in your job so far. Click on each profile to see all the details (questions, quotes, feedback, etc.) about each tradesman. All that remains is to contact the tradesmen that you are interested in employing. You can always chose whether to contact tradesmen by email or phone.


How do the ratings work?

Customers that employ tradesmen they have found viaLocal Reliable Tradesmengive us an honest opinion of the of their standard of work. These ratings are then made available to theLocal Reliable Tradesmen, helping us to reward those tradesmen who do the best work.


Should I employ a tradesman with no feedback?

New trade members will not have any feedback on their profile. It's not bad to employ a tradesman with no feedback. After all, all of our members had to start somewhere.


How do I rate a tradesman?

Go to the my jobs area (you'll need to be logged in) and click on the job for which you want to leave feedback. If the status of the job is still "receiving quotes", click the "stop quotes" link. Click the "rate this business" link next to the business that you employed. If you have not already done so, you'll need to verify you email address before posting a comment. Now simply enter comment on and rate the service you received.


Why should I rate a tradesman?

By providing an honest opinion about the tradesman you employed, you are helping future users to make a wise choice. Best of all this has the added benefit of encouraging tradesmen to provide the very best service, and make sure their customers are entirely satisfied.


Are there any costs?

Local Reliable Tradesmenis completely FREE to use for customers - Enjoy! We do charge tradesmen a small account activation fee and a they are getting charged for the jobs they wish to quote on. However, the use of our site often means that tradesmen end up spending less on advertising and are therefore able pass these savings onto their customers.


Can I use my Local Reliable Tradesmen account as a tradesman too?

If you first registered as a homeowner but are also a tradesman you can use the same account to find work! Just go to the My Account area (you must be logged in to see this page) and click on the link to Create Your Trade Profile now.

Besides if You want to give an opinion about a different solution on how to do the described jobs, or how to perform the tasks, or which materials better to use or You want to discuss how to do the jobs not mentioned here-You are more than welcome to share it with all of us using Quick Contact Form.

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