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DIY Section Bathroom

Finding reliable local bathroom fitter or installer is the most important decision the householder has to make. Presently finding a good trustworthy tradesmen is a difficult task. Thats why we carefully select and vet installers who are a members of Local Reliable tradesmen. We are our best to find a best matchinghonest local tradesmen for householders and we closely monitor their performance when the job is finished to make sure the job is completed to the highest possible standard. Initial bathroom design should focus on making the best use of space available. Then should be considererd which services would need re-routing for the new design..Decision should be made whether the walls would be tiled, the floor surface changed, adn the heating and ventilation would be updated. Order of work is constructed. If the whole bathrooom is replaced, then all of the old sanitary bahtroom fittings are removed and replaced, plumbing and electrical wiring is rerouted and adjusted accordingly before fitting the new bathroom. Each sanitary fitting could be replaced in turn if rerouting and adjustments are minimal.
Almost every home has at least one bathroom fitted with atoilet, basin nd bath. Options to this layout include showereither in a separate cubicle or above the bath and a bidet.An extra washbasin is also a choice in a bathroom.

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Types of Bathroom layout:

Fitted Bathroom

As s standard bathroom, fitted bathrooms have a full range of fittings but the difference is that they are totally of partially housed in units, a d the final design has matching build-in storage and worktops around part of the bathroom . If this type of bathroom is being considered,the manufacturer will help with planning the layout.
En suite Bathroom
Because of the proximity of the bedroom, noise is and issue. As most often bedrooms do not have any windows so an extractor fan with a timer is essential-in-line fans are very quiet. The noise of a toilet cistern refilling can be reduced by fitting a quiet , modern type float valve
Designs of sanitary bathroom fittings include space-saving considerations, ie. narrow "slimline" toilet cisterns and toilets and basins designed to fit into corners. A cloakrooms should have a window that opens or an eextractor fan.
Wet rooms
Wet rooms are bathrooms that include a shower with no enclosure-the waste water runs away through a drains in the floor. The whole bathroom including the walls and floor has to be fully waterproof. That is why employing local reliable approved tradesmen is an absolute necessity for superb finished work.
New bathroom considerations
Even if the sanitary fittings retain their original position, check that supply and drainage pipes don't need to be extended or modified. A new tiled floor will increase the floor height which have to be taken into account. Flexible sanitary connectors might be used to accommodate changes. The dimensions of new bathroom fittings have to be carefully checked to ensure compatibility with old pipe connections. Improvement of ventilation and installation of new bathroom fan might also be considered. Stud walls and old brick walls might need strengthening to accommodate wall-mounted or wall-hang washbasins or toilets. Floors would need strengthening if an installation of "retro" style cast-iron bath is being done. Professional opinion and advice of an approved reliable tradesmen should be sought.
Space considerations
All bathroom fittings require a space around them so that they can be used comfortably. For example, a bath should be at least 700 mm. (2ft 4in) from a wall or another sanitary fitting to allow user to step in and out , and dry him or herself easily. User should also make sure there is room for the door to open without scratching or chipping bathroom fittings. User should consider a space for a waste bin in planning. Make sure you fit items such as mirrors and vanity units where they suit the heights of all users when possible. Medicine cabinets should be lockable, and be out of the reach of children.
Bathroom regulations:
Waste pipe installations. Changing or installing a new bathroom may involve making a new connections to your home's main soil stack or drain. Contact an reliable trustworthy registered tradesmen for an advice or contact your local building control office for more precise information on a regulations regarding stack connections.
Electrical installation work in a bathroom. Electrical installations are an important part of modernbathrooms. Aside from obvious features such as lighting, it may also be necessary to provide power for an extractor fan, towel rail, heater, shaver point, shower pump, or electric shower. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination so bathrooms are divided into zones, each with their own Wiring Regulations Rules. It might sound very confusing and if you decide that You would rather get a qualified experienced tradesmen to complete your project-we can definately help You with this task- just press the button "Post the Job" below and wait for vetted tradesmen to contact You shortly.

Besides if You want to give an opinion about a different solution on how to do the described jobs, or how to perform the tasks, or which materials better to use or You want to discuss how to do the jobs not mentioned here-You are more than welcome to share it with all of us.

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