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Welcome Dear Houseowner . This is Your page. You are here because You have a home improvement project in mind. Your head is buzzing with ideas and responsibilities. So many things to remember and so many things to consider i.e. what actually needs to be done, how you want it done, the timeframe in which you want it done, then there are a styles and colour schemes to think about, the type of the fittings etc. and last but not least -who is going to be fulfilling the project of your dreams- the tradesmen you require.

I will tell You a story...

I will tell you a story. Few years ago I finally decided to get my bathroom redone-I had this project in mind for quite some time but something always was getting on a way-there is always too little time or money or holidays or something else-you know how it is. But eventually I put a my bathroom renovation on a top of my "to do" list, but when I arrived at the HomeBase I was completely lost in paint, tiles, bathroom suites and all the other building terms and conditions the salesman was throwing at me. I decided to ask a mate for an advice. He did not give me the best bit of advice (as I realised afterwards)-he told me to browse tradesmen websites, find the company I liked and give them a call. That's what I did. But after the successions of builders who sucked through their teeth giving me the quotes I became frustrated and even considered taking on a project myself (luckily, I quickly came back to my senses and abandoned that wild idea). And at that time when I was on a verge of abandoning the project altogether, I had a chat with one of my schoolmates who passed me a details of local bathroom fitter, who I was told, was reliable, good , reasonable and was based locally to me. To cut the story short, that project was fulfilled in no time without hassle and on a budget. I was immensely relived. Stanley's company does all the work in my property ever since. I passed his details to all my friends and relatives.

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