Tiler Job Description and Duties:

What tiling contractor could help You the Homeowner with:
Tiling contractor installs tiles on the walls(inside and outside the house), countertops, patios, roof decks, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces. Tiles must be installed on smooth, even surfaces, installers often must level the surface to be tiled with a layer of mortar or plywood. if the area to be tiled is unstable, workers must firstly install a support of metal mesh or tile backer board to create a stable surface for tiles to be installed upon.
Their are different types of tiling contractors:
-Tile finishers apply grout between tiles after the tiles are installed, using a rubber trowel (called a float). when the grout dries, they must wipe the tiles clean.
-Tile installers, also called tile setters, cut to size and install the tiles. For cutting the tiles, tile installers use power wet saw, tile scribes, or hand- held tile cutters to cut the tiles giving them straight edges. Tile installers use trowels of various sizes to spread mortar or a sticky paste, called mastic, evenly on the surface to be tiled. Trowels are used to apply mortar or mastic on the tiles itself and then the tiles are installed on the prepared leveled surface.
Most popular types of bathroom tiles as follows:
-Ceramic tiles: They come in two types: glazed and unglazed. Glazed tiles are either plain or decorated and are suitable for both floor and walls. Since they have no pores, they’re easy to clean and come in a large variety of colours. The main disadvantages against the unglazed tiles are they’re less resistant to scratches and slips. For this reason, unglazed tiles are a great bathroom and shower cubicle tiling option.
-Glass tiles: they can be used to create beautiful and unique designs, thanks to their ability to reflect light, highlighting each tile in a unique way. Glass tiles became more affordable lately.
-Quarry tiles: They have been manufactured in the UK for a long time. They are available in white, black and terracotta colors. Terracotta means “baked earth”, due to its brown-orange colour. Since tiles are porous, they need a proper special ceramic sealant to fill the pores. The glazed version of quarry tiles is also available and obviously, the tiles are not porous.
-Porcelain tiles: They are also can be called ceramic tiles, but with a very low water absorption rate. Porcelain is very durable material.
-Flexible Wall Tile is a mixture of natural granules in an acrylic dispersion, obtained through baking. The sheet’s thickness is only few millimeters. Flexible wall tiles could be used for finishing interior and exterior protections for houses buildings such as houses, its fireplaces, chimneys, balconies, parapets, socket outlets etc.
Unlike the usual tiles, flexible wall tiles can be fitted on curved surfaces or edges without cutting the tiles into nonstandard shapes. Flexible wall tiles can be installed at any height due to their low weight. They are available in a wide range of colours and their prices are much lower compared to traditional tiles. Inside and outside of the Houses can be completely or partially covered by flexible wall tiles including fences, fireplaces and chimneys.
The most important advantages of Flexible Wall Tiles are the fact that the flexible wall tiles are ecologically clean, non-toxic and waterproof. It protects the surface on which it is mounted, and at the same time, allows the surface underneath to breathe. Flexible wall tiles increase the thermal resistance of the underlying surface and reduce temperature loss, as well as prevent the propagation of potential fires.
The installation is complete on any surface using any type of adhesive for ceramic tiles. Due to their low weight, flexible wall tiles can be mounted on insulation systems (eg polystyrene) and are highly resistant to physical and environmental factors (freeze-thaw, for instance etc) and vandal damage. Maintenance of flexible wall tiles are small-wall tiles can be easily cleaned using high pressure water jets and a soft brush.
Kitchen area of the house would also benefit from using the tiles walls and floor. Design wise, you the Homeowner can go on a variety of paths. Whether you want contemporary style, a minimalist look, a or a traditional design, your home interior will be what you wish it to be as you can get as creative as you want and get a best advice from the professional tiling contractor by using tiles. Wall and floor tiles are very easy to clean and maintain(like changing or cleaning the grout) is very useful in the kitchen ad hygienic ambience's is paramount there. After tiles are installed in the kitchen wall, splashback and floor, there would be no more painting of the kitchen-just easy cleaning procedure to complete.
Hiring a good tiling contractor to complete the tiling jobs professionally is a very good decision for You the Homeowner.

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