Kitchen Installer/Fitter Job Description and Duties:

What Kitchen Installer/fitter can help You the Homeowner with:
Generally, kitchen fitters do work with a wide range of hand and power tools and complete a good deal of different tasks as follows:
-Kitchen design.
-Kitchen installation.
-Installation of plumbing.
-Addition of a few socket outlets, changing the positions of cooker switches fused spurs, installation of new light fittings and downlights etc. (Part P of Building Regulations Rules apply)
-Installation of tiling on a splashback and tiling on the kitchen floor.
-Installation of wooden or lino floor in the kitchen.
-Painting and decorating of the kitchen.
For small jobs kitchen specialists will generally work on their own.
If the job are slightly larger then they pair up with other installers and work as a small team to complete your kitchen installation.
For the most part they will be able to complete all of the work.
However, completing some work(electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting and decorating) will require hiring subcontractors, some of it due to the legal requirements-like hiring a registered electrician or gas engineer. All of the subcontractors would be paid separately by Homeowner or by a payment from a main contracor.
More experienced Kitchen Installers could be involved in the design stage of the kitchen installation. They might be capable to use kitchen design software and could present the ideas visually, which could make it easier to come to the best design possible. They could advice the Homeowner on most suitable and time, space and money saving solutions to the kitchen installation.
When the installation starts, the Kitchen Installers could do an initial removal of old kitchen units, flooring etc to the skip or other specified location which would be emptied at the end of the job and disposed of to a special location properly as required by a Regulations.
Then kitchen specialist would do the measuring and marking on site specifying the location of kitchen units, water pipes, drain pipes cables, socket outlets etc.
If the positions and operating of windows or doors would be changed for the new installation- that would be taken into account as well. During the work kitchen specialist would make sure that the other tradesmen are given chance to do their work at necessary times- i.e, chasing walls for electrical cables and pipes, removal of old plasterboard, redoing and replastering the walls including behind the kitchen units, minor carpentry, installation of tiled splashbacks and installation of the tiling on the floor.
Overally, employing a qualified kitchen specialist could make the stressful for the Homeowner period much more easier and quicker and experienced kitchen installer could deal with any problems arising quickly and effectively.

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