House Extension Specialist Job Description and Duties:

What Property Conversion Specialist could help You the Homeowner with:
If Your objective is to increase the value of Your property by doing an extension -the right contractor and the quality of the work is required to suit your needs. For the property to be competitive on the modern property market the design and quality of the finish of all the items is supposed to be immaculate- beautifully finished kitchen extensions, bathroom extensions, basement extensions etc.
Contractor doing the work as a rule provides main and additional services including:
-Free initial visit and consultations services
-Itemised project specification and estimate/quote
-Appointments with surveyors and Civil Engineers as appropriate.
-Contact with an Approved Architect and overseeing the initial drawings and plans created;
-Project scheduling, coordination and dealing with the subcontractors.
-Provide the customer with relevant certificates and all relevant paperwork on completion.
Basically, extensions provide a variety of benefits for the Homeowner including:
-Reduction of energy bills as the extensions when done properly(including insulated walls and floor) provide another layer between inside and outside of the property, making the heat stay at home and not seeping outside.
-Increase of the value of the property as the living(loft conversion) and overall usable space(kitchen and basement conversions) is substantially increased.
-Reduction of carbon footprint as less heat is going outside, hence the heat taken is reduced.
There are different types of extensions available:
-Basement Conversions
-Double storey Extensions
-Kitchen Extensions
-Rear Property Extensions
-Side return Extensions
-Wrap around Extensions
A good Property Extension specialist would suggest the most suitable and profitable Extension for Your property.

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