HANDYMAN Job Description and Duties:

What can a Handyman or Handyperson help You the Homeowner with:
Handyman can complete a different tasks as follows: -Decorating:
Handyman can do painting, filling small cracks, changing the grout around the washbasin, bath, shower tray etc.
From disconnecting an old washing machine to connecting the new one to changing a tap or a mixer, repairing a leaky tap, or blocked drain or a burst pipe-a Handyman is the best specialist for the job.
Handyman can connect extra socket outlets, change the switches, socket faceplates, cooker switches, spurs, changing light fittings, replacing light bulbs, changing extra low voltage transformers etc.
Fitting a door locks, refiting doors, replacing sash windows and sach chords, hinges and architraves, tightening the odd screws, hanging the pictures and kitchen hooks.
-Boilers and Heating:
Handyman could replace leaking valves, radiators, bleeding the radiators, draining the heating systems, filling the systems and pressurising them, replacing the heating elements and thermostats.
-Flat pack assembly:
Handyman can do the flat pack assembly of kitchen units, bedroom units, drawers and any other furniture that needs assembly.
-Heavy lifting:
Handyman specialists can do the heavy lifting like moving washing machines, furniture etc.
-TV mounting:
Handyman can install the brackets for flat screen TV mounting and mount the TVs It can be argued that may Homeowners could do some household task themselves, but really, is it worth spending Your time on something that You are not good at and do not enjoy doing.
The best option is to employ a Handyman.

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