Floor installer Job Description and Duties:

What floor installation specialist can help You the Homeowner with:
floor fitting specialists provide an installation of various types of wooden flooring, subfloor preparation and levelling, and finishing works such as skirting boards I beading installation, doors/ door frames trimming, insulation fitting and damp proofing.
Types of services provided by a floor fitting specialist contractors:
-Installation of hardwood flooring.
-Fitting of parquet flooring blocks.
- Fitting of laminate flooring.
- Levelling of underlying surfaces, including preparations with plywood, chipboard and battens.
- Damp-proofing and sound-proofing.
-Installation of skirting boards or beading.
-Trimming of doors and door frames .
Before floor fitting there are some steps to be completed to make the installation as convenient and painless as possible:
1. Control of construction dust:
flooring specialist recommend protecting and sealing off adjacent rooms, as this will reduce the risk of dust entering the other rooms in the domestic premises, despite the fact that modern wood cutting equipment usually has hooverlike extraction facilities, but even then it can only capture part of the dust particles. Checking The Level of Moisture inAir & Sub-flooring.
2. Moisture levels:
Moisture is one of the main reasons behind most wooden floor failures after the installation.In order to avoid such misfortunes, it is recommended to let the flooring acclimatize to the humidity and temperature inside the house. It is especially relevant during winter and autumn times. The packs of flooring should be carried inside the house and left there for up to a week. new boards will fit nicely below, leaving you with nothing less than a perfect result. Methods of Wood floor Installation:
1. Floating:
-Click This is a method without using a glue, typical for installations laminate flooring. Each piece of floor connects to the neighbouring one through a locking profile, which secures the planks in place without the need of adhesives and glue.
-Tongue & Groove:
Each plank connects to the others through grooves and tongues. This method allows installation of flooring planks with a thickness of 18mm and over. 2. Glue-Down:
This method of installation is appropriate for parquet blocks fitting or mosaics and patterned panels.
3. Nail-Down Using nails to fasten the planks is used for hardwood flooring with a thickness of 18 mm and over.
4. Junckers Way:
This type of installation is typical for so called Junckers flooring only. It has been invented by the company as an alternative to the classic flooring installation, which allows damp-proofing or sound-proofing insulations to be placed below the flooring not depending of the subfloor structure-wooden flooring, concrete or a battens. Installation procedure includes use of metal clips, which hold every 2 planks in a pair.
Solid wood flooring :
Solid wood flooring can be installed over concrete subfloor, but the latter should be covered with an underlay. If there is a chipboard or plywood subfloor, hardwood flooring can be fitted on top of them. If installed above the floorboards fixed directly to the joists, but these should be treated with moisture barrier prior to installation. Proper subfloor preparation is vital, failing on it in most cases means squeaky joints, warped and buckled floor etc.
Laminate flooring:
Laminate flooring is an artificial floor covering that can look like either a real wood or a natural stone or hard floor. It is made from compressed fibres. Everything is covered by a melamine wear layer which is what gives this type of flooring its durability. The biggest advantages laminate holds over solid wood is that the laminate flooring is way harder to scratch, it's easier to clean, which makes it a good choice for busy houses.
Parquet flooring is a classic flooring. Parquet flooring is extremely hard wearing which once correctly installed, can last for years. Parquet flooring comes in blocks, which can be installed in different patterns to create an artwork rather than just a uniform pattern on the flooring. Although classic designs such as herringbone parquet flooring are still an up-to-date fashion, parquet flooring blocks can be laid in many different artistic ways. Some of them have names such as chevron, basket weave, Dutch pattern and others can be created by yourselves.
Vinyl flooring:
Vinyl flooring (or lino) has a smooth finish, wide choice of colours and long lasting features.
It could be installed as a cheaper alternative to hardwood or laminate flooring or in the areas that are not that crucial for the overall design of the house. Hard wearing and resistant to damage vinyl flooring is ideal for areas where the heavy objects and materials are stored and conventional flooring either very difficult or impractical to install. Maintenance of the vinyl flooring is fast and simple. Vinyl flooring is completely water resistant, spillages simply sit on top of the new vinyl flooring and can be wiped up in an instant, making vinyl flooring a very hygienic surface easily treated with cleaning agents without its losing its qualities and overall appearance. Vinyl flooring with nice smooth surface is perfect Eliminate tripping hazards and make it easy for any equipment or stock to be moved around with a perfectly smooth vinyl surface.All seams are hot welded to create a continuously smooth surface. The beauty of the wooden floor is the comfort that provides, that natural feeling of warmth and relaxation that is so appealing to every person. But there are some preparations that need to be done in your property before installation taking place.
First, all the furniture, cupboards and decoration should be removed from the installation room. All the closets must be emptied of contents to make a removal easier. The wooden flooring needs some time to acclimate in the property it would be installed so it would have a time to contract or expand while it is still in the packaging, so the actual floor is supposed to be delivered few days before the installation taking place.
All mentioned would ensure the stability and correct operation of the flooring in the future. There would definitely be some construction noise involved while the boards would be installed , adjusted and sanded or polished and also fair amount of dust would be produced. So it might be a good idea to warn a neighbours beforehand.
After the installation is completed, it is a good idea to put a pads on the bottom of the furniture legs prevent the scratches appear on the freshly installed floor.
Floor installation specialist would help You the Homeowner to get the best look of Your property You deserve.

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