Drain Cleaning Specialist Job Description and Duties:

What Drain Cleaning Specialist can help You the Homeowner with:
Drainage engineer is a skilled engineer who works in a field of designing and implementing improvements for water waste and drainage systems Drainage engineer specialises in directing rainwater flowing from motorways and roads, controlling irrigation and flooding on farmlands and diverting sewage and pollution away from water sources.
Drainage Specialist divides his working time between hands on jobs on building sites and time spent at the office:
Everyday duties:
Drainage Specialist visits building sites to decide what type of water system is needed to control the water and sorting out any problems and challenges.
Office duties:
Drainage specialist creates blueprints for water drainage designs and inspects the areas where the designs have been implemented. He is also getting involved with on-site construction of some of designs and in investigating problems to determine whether there is a blockages or leaks anywhere. Drainage Specialist surveys drainage systems and repairs and unblocks pipelines.
Drainage specialist also has other set of responsibilities which may include a combination of:
- Applying a risk-based approach to identify, design and implement drainage improvement programmes designing SUDS (soakaways, swales and balancing / attenuation ponds) – Hydraulic modelling of surface water drainage ways along with online or offline storage solutions.
- Engineering appraisals of developable land.
- Maintenance and repair of drainage pipelines such as sewage and waste water.
Drainage Specialist also might get involved in calculating costs for materials and labour.
- Estimating project timescales.
As could be seen from everything written above, the drainage specialist would provide a great help to Homeowner.

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