Demolition Specialist Job Description and Duties:

What Demolition Specialist can help You the Homeowner with:
Demolition Specialists, also known as demolition workers, demolish and dismantle old and derelict structures and buildings or buildings which might be not derelict, but decision was made to demolish them varying from single storey blocks, tall chimneys and bridges to large industrial units such as decommissioned power stations and old printing works. Demolition procedure can be fulfilled in one of three ways: using manual labour, using heavy plant machinery and using special demolition teams. Often, a combination of all three are employed.
Demolition Specialists work involves site preparation, stripping out floors, roofs and fittings and removing re-usable materials such as timber, bricks and masonry. Some metalwork can be recovered using industrial crane-mounted magnets, and concrete slabs may be put through a crusher machine to produce aggregate material for roadworks. Operatives are also trained in the safe removal of hazardous material such as asbestos and lead etc.
There are various levels of responsibility involved:
Demolition labourers are involved in erecting and dismantling screens, safety rails, dustsheets and fences around building sites. They also prepare materials for future re-use.
Demolition mattockman/woman may strip out existing fittings, remove doors and windows, prepare and erect roof protection, demolish roof structures and carry out hand demolition using hand tools.
Demolition topman/woman carry out the above tasks and cut steel at heights, strip fragile roof coverings and instruct others in safe demolition practices and procedures.A variety of hand and power tools are used to carry out jobs including pneumatic hammer drills and oxyacetylene cutting equipment. Operatives also employ plant machinery such as 360-degree excavators with demolition attachments and other specialised machinery.
Demolitions specialists have to follow strict Health and Safety Rules and regulations as demolition work involves a lot of potentially dangerous activities.

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