Chimney and Fireplace Specialist Job Description and Duties:

What Chimney and Fireplace Specialist can help You with:
Chimney and Fireplace specialist provide cleaning which removes soot and helps to prevent dangerous chimney fires as chimney need to allow free passage of dangerous combustion gasses as a clean chimney is vital for these gasses to evacuate quickly.
Chimney and Fireplace sweep includes:
-Visual inspection of the flue.
-The Fireplace and surrounding area is covered with protective dust sheets.
-The chimney is swept in accordance with the industry standards.
-A draught test would be carried out using a smoke pellets.
Chimney and Fireplace specialists also provide the following services:
-Chimney integrity/leakage tests:
Chimney integrity/leakage test is done to check that the Flue would be safe and not leak potentially dangerous gases into the premises above or in some adjacent properties.
-CCTV chimney surveys:
While doing CCTV chimney surveys chimney and Fireplace specialist is using the latest technology, to record high quality footage of chimneys to identify any problems and issues along with the relevant solutions as it can be very difficult to diagnose the chimney problem as it would involve knocking a hole into the chimney, work with a messy points of access and there is no guarantee to find the cause.
-Chimney and flue lining:
Chimney and Fireplace specialist install a lining to avoid smoke, tar and acids would be absorbed by the chimney walls, leading to the mortar joints losing their integrity, exterior stonework in a property becoming stained and dangerous fumes leaking into the house. -Stove installations: Stove is a good addition to a hearth- it looks great and it would heat your home. Chimney and Fireplace company usually supplies the stove.
-Bird nest and pest removal:
Birds find chimneys as a convenient place to set up nests as chimney are warm as they provide a good shelter. But having a bird’s nest in a chimney can lead to a dangerous blockage, chimney fires and infestations and chimney and Fireplace specialists remove the nests quickly and effectively.
-Pots and cowls fitting:
Chimney and Fireplace specialist would fit a chimney pots and cowls, which are essential for chimney to work safely and efficiently.

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