Carpet Fitter Job Description and Duties:

What Carpet Fitter can do for you as Homeowner:
Carpet Fitter prepares the subfloor including levelling out the timbers and installing the underlayer, removes the existing flooring, moves furniture and appliances if required, chooses and purchases the required materials in accordance with Homeowners wishes and specifications. It is really important to choose the right carpet for a property. It would renew and freshen the look of entire rooms and the house as a whole as a carpet is the most visible and most used part of any household.
Carpet is also very important if you have children who will spend time playing on the carpeted floor as it is warmer, softer, and easier on their knees than floorboards, lino or hardwood floor. After Carpet Fitter installed the carpet, it would save Homeowner a money on heating bills as it would insulate the floor surface making the house warmer. In comparison, fitting the hardwood floor makes a house cooler, which is good in a summer time, but involves paying more for heating in winter time.
Fitting the carpet is a job for a professional Carpet Fitter because badly installed carpet would make the whole room and a house look untidy and scruffy and be more prone to damage and wear.
Let’s talk briefly about the types of carpets which might be installed in Your property:
Twist is a pile carpet made of twisted fibres. It doesn't fluff or show footmarks and it's hard wearing which makes it ideal for hallways, stairs or main rooms and all over the house.
Velvet is a softer type of the traditional cut pile carpet. This type of carpet looks good in more formal rooms of the house, but it can show areas of light and dark shading easily after some usage.
Loop & cord:
Loop & cord carpets comprise uncut loops of fibres for a highly textured finish. They have a rugged appearance and can look especially good in hallways or on stairs of the premises.
Pattern & graphic:
Pattern & graphic carpets are hard wearing, woven carpets that keep their appearance for many years.
Berber carpets are made with a random blend of colourful yarns to give a carpet a textured look.

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