CARPENTER Job Description and Duties:

What Carpenters can help You the Homeowner with:
What Carpenters can do for you:
They can be cutting and shaping timber for floorboards, doors, skirting boards and window frames, making and fitting wooden fittings like wooden staircases including spiral staircases, roof timbers and partition walls producing and assembling fitted and free-standing furniture, installing natural wood kitchen tops, cupboards and shelves, skirting boards, window frames, doors, door linings,cabinetry, shelving, installs hardwood floor and outdoor decking and smaller fixtures like door handles and locks, cabinet handles, stairway railing, building temporary wooden supports to hold setting concrete in place (shuttering) making and fitting interiors wood walls in private houses, shops, bars, restaurants, offices and public buildings.
For You as Homeowner it would be beneficial to know what type of carpenter would You require for the job in a house. Carpenters can be taking different work path specialising as bench joiner, fixer, shop fitter, or formwork joiner.
They can design and build structures and items from different kinds of wood including softwood, hardwood or exotic types of wood. This may include floors, houses, furniture, doors, windows and stairs. Some of them specialise in historical buildings and restoration. To be able to build all these things to precise measurements, Carpenters are very good at understanding numerical data and taking accurate measurements.
They work in private houses, workshops, job sites, and factories. Because of the nature of the job, Carpenters protect themselves with the appropriate specialised gear and safety equipment and use a lot of different kinds of power and hand tools.
A Carpenter usually performs many of the following tasks:
- Taking precise measurements.
- Installing doors, windows etc.
- Making various adjustments to wooden fittings.
-Selecting materials like wood and tools.
-Visiting job locations and speaking with clients.
- Interpreting drawings, plans and written or spoken instructions.

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