Builder Job Description and Duties:

What Builder can help You the Homeowner with:
What Builder can do for Homeowners:
From repairing small maintenance jobs, to sorting out the roads, building an extension from scratch, right up to an entire house, you’ll build whatever the client wants. When a project is complete you move onto the next one, so it’s certainly a job of variety, where you’ll meet new clients, new employers and new team mates. Builder do a wide variety of jobs including:
-Housing (both public and private) maintenance and restoration.
-Non-residential public property (including hospitals and Industrial and commercial (such as factories).
Tasks of the builder would include some labourer’s tasks, cleaning the construction sites, removing the rubbish to garbage collection points, delivering and distributing materials, assisting other trades in various tasks-like assembly and disassembly of scaffolding.
Builder not only delegate the work, but would organise the entire project, right down to hiring the right Builder and finding what work needs carrying out. Most Builder will specialise in a particular area, but some of them work as a general Builder doing a bit of everything.
Builder had to be proficient in working with different materials and chemicals (including asbestos and lead) and therefore he has to have an extensive knowledge of all the things involved.
What does a Builder do?
Builder coordinates and works on the construction or repair and restoration of homes and other buildings. In addition to undertaking some of the works personally, some Builder also manage the entire project-they usually called Main Builder. This may include arranging for subcontractors to complete specific jobs, and making sure that the project meets industry and government regulations as well as the clients’ requirements.
Builder employees are required to operate different machinery and must comply with safety regulations including using wearing protective equipment and ensuring the site is safe for all tradesmen.

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