Bricklayer and Stonemason Job Description and Duties:

What Bricklayers and Stonemasons can do for you:
Bricklayers can build structures or repairing walls in accordance with construction plans. They also build or refurbish chimneys, arches and other structures.
Bricklayers start by measuring work areas and setting out the first rows of bricks or blocks mixing mortar by hand or with a mechanical mixer applying mortar with a trowel and laying bricks on top of each other, cutting and shaping bricks using hammers, chisels and power tools checking that rows are straight using a spirit level and plumb line.
Bricklayers work with other Bricklayers and site labourers giving them a hand in a small team. Bricklayers build and repair chimneys, walls, tunnel linings, and decorative work like archways. They are responsible for using blocks, including bricks, and mortar to set out buildings and in line with construction plans. Bricklayers also refurbish masonry and brickwork on projects of restoration. The responsibility of a Bricklayer is to construct the first shell of a building. Bricklayers are very close by their trade to stonemasons, who usually do the following jobs:
Stonemasons are very skilled professionals. Stonemasonry is all about the restoration and conservation of stone buildings, statues and bridges, as well as the construction of new stone structures. Stonemasons have a deep knowledge of the different types of stones, the tools of their trade and how to shape and fix stone.
Types of stonemasons:
There are two types of stonemason: a banker mason and a fixer mason.
Banker masons’ jobs are based in workshop, they are using a mixture of tools to skilfully shape stones from new designs or replicate and replace an existing stone. They might produce beautiful stone carvings for new and existing buildings or polish finish stone slabs. Fixer masons work mostly outdoors and do the actually install the stones that have been shaped by the banking process into position. They are very skillful at using traditional lime mortars and have a great understanding of specialist fixings.
A stonemason will be expected to carry out both banker and fixer roles, especially if they are working for a small company.

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