Bathroom Installer/Fitter Job Description and Duties:

What bathroom Installer can do for you:
bathrooms are really important rooms from the functionality and purpose point of view. No one can survive without bathroom and sanitary fittings in everyday lives. bathrooms are used many times a day. bathroom is not a luxury but a necessity. bathroom installation is a complex job-the bath, washbasin, loo, bidet, shower cubicle etc. has to be fitted into the existing shower room or moved to a new room or divided into the bathroom and WC or any other variations of them. It may look simple, but in fact it is quite complex- firstly the availability of cold and hot water and waste pipework needs to be checked, if there is a pipework- it might need to be altered to accommodate new sanitary fittings- WC, bath, washbasin, bidet, water mixers, shower mixers etc. If there is no cold, hot water and waste pipework not readily available, then it makes it more complicated the floorboards need to be lifted which involves lifting the carpet, if the pipework needs to be run inside the walls-the walls surface had to be removed- it might be plaster, plasterboard, of lath and plaster and would involve extensive restoration work afterwards, especially taking into account that the waste pipework for WC is really large- 4 inches or 6 inches in diameter and installation is really complex. Waste pipework also needs to be ‘vented’ and extended above the roof away from windows to avoid the bad smell getting inside the house. There are also many factors need to be considered- like the water pressure in the premises which vary greatly across London. That would determine what kind of fittings, what size of the pipework, what kind of central heating fittings, radiators, boilers would be required. Also, there might be some structural work- like moving walls, building walls etc. involved. There also would be some electrical work in installation- moving the switches, socket outlets and fused spurs and installing the new ones, testing the new and existing electrical installations to make sure the installation is compliant with current IEE Wiring Regulations- BS7671. There also might be tiling, painting and decorating and carpentry work involved. Also You as a Homeowner might consider the fact that during the installation Your bathroom would be out of action, at least part of the time and it is a great inconvenience, therefore it is best to discuss how that time might be reduced to the minimum-the excellent communication with an installation company is a great asset and a good English spoken by a tradesman is a must. All written above shows that the bathroom installation is very complex procedure comprising of many different jobs and dealing with different types of specialists and tradesmen. Therefore, it might be convenient to offer a job of bathroom installation to a specialised bathroom installers who would have all the specialists on employment in their firm or would deal with hiring subcontractors themselves.

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