Aerial Engineer Job Description and Duties:

What Aerial and Satellite Engineer can do for you: Aerial and satellite engineers install and repair television aerials, radio aerials and satellite dishes, and connect them to receiving equipment in homes. They may also set up a full range of digital home technology, such as broadband and fibre optics services. They can provide a wide range of services available to suit your every need including new TV aerial installations, digital TV aerial repairs, FM & DAB aerials and adding an extra TV point, or setting up a newly purchased television, engineers can still come out give you a signal test to make sure you are going to receive the best possible picture and can sort out Poor Reception Problems and set it all up for you. They can even show you how to do it for next time.
The aerial installations work would involve the following:

  • -Making a decision on a suitable aerial or satellite dish and sorting out the best possible positon for it with the You the customer.
  • -Gaining access to a work position using roof ladders and testing the strength of the broadcast signal with a signal meter.
  • - Securely fixing and accurately aligning aerials and dishes in a suitable position and running a connecting cable to the receiving system.
  • - Repairing the damage to aerials and aerial dishes caused by bad weather and adding new signal reception points in buildings.
  • - Installing top boxes for TV services and configuring the system to the customer requirements connecting or upgrading digital receiver’s equipment.

Aerials FAQs:
  • Q: Can I receive Freeview through a satellite dish?
  • A: Unfortunately, no. Freeview can only be received through an aerial.
  • Q: Can I receive any foreign channels through my aerial?
  • A: Again, unfortunately not. For this you would again need a satellite dish which would need to be aligned to the appropriate foreign satellite and set-top-box to receive the foreign channels you were after.
  • Q: How do I know what sort of aerial I need on my house?
  • A: Aerial engineers will be able to advise you what sort of aerial you’d need, which would depend on your location and surrounding buildings. It also depends on how many television sets you are planning to connect up to it.
  • Q: Can I have it in more than 1 room?
  • A: Yes, all you need is another cable from the aerial to the room, and a TV with Freeview built in or a Freeview set-top-box.
  • Q: I have an old CRT television set. Do I need a new TV set for Freeview?
  • A: No. You need an additional Freeview set-top-box for any television which isn’t Freeview ready.
  • Q: How do I know if I’m in a poor reception area?
  • A: The aerial installations company can send one of our expert engineers out to you for a free signal test and let you know what the best for the area you live in is and the best option for installation.

While considering which company to hire and the costs involved You have to consider the following: The Aerial Installation engineer has to spend a lot of me working on rooftops, requiring him or her to be competent in working safely at heights. They would work outdoors in all-weather conditions. They would have to travel long distances. To fulfil Your requirements they might have to work on evenings and weekends. Engineers usually complete up to 8 installations a day. Engineers have to have a lot of special personal protective equipment, such as harnesses and hard hats.

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